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Imagine a new program for your child that is no extra work for you. Dancing, Singing, or Commercial Acting taught by industry professionals can now be a part of their day at VCA. And we’ll make you a special recording of your child every month so you can enjoy it too. We believe that the arts are a necessary part of a balanced education and we are proud to team up with Viera Children's Academy to bring you The Hollywood Program.

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It’s not your typical singing lesson! Your little popstar will learn music and vocal technique while practicing a different song each month. Whether it’s belting out a ballad like Celine Dion or a sweet serenade like the jazzy vocals like Norah Jones, your child will wrap up each month as they record their song on professional recording equipment with accompaniment (background music). You’ll be able to enjoy a professionally produced track featuring your little superstar each and every month. Sounds cool, right? Hey, even Justin Timberlake had to start somewhere.

Commercial Acting

How many times have you seen a child in a commercial an said to yourself “hey, my kid can do that” well, you’re right they can and we’ll show them how, every Friday right here at VCA. On the last Friday of the month, it’s called Production Day. Your child will record their commercial they’ve been learning in class using industry standard, professional equipment. We’ll even send you the video. These are commercials you won’t want to skip.


Let’s put all that energy to good use with rhythm, movement, and music. At the end of the month, we’ll send you a fully produced music video featuring your little superstar.

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By Prodigy Talent Training
Jonathan McFadden
Hip-Hop Teacher & PTT Owner
Kristen Warren
Kristen Warren
Singing Teacher
Victoria Lambert
Victoria Lambert
Commercial Acting Teacher
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